New York Times Editorial – Change needed in Greece

International solidarity with SYRIZA and the people of Greece who give it life as they stand against the dictates of 21 st century capitalism’s austerity, is a critical focus in the coming weeks and year. All sorts of pressure will be mounted by the finance sector, their collborators in government, to stop SYRIZA from implementing their programme. This may extend to a new Greek military dictatorshipto stomp on democratic opposition to the most extreme and callous austerity, as briefly described in this New York Times piece. (At what point does austerity trip over require such adjectives? ) Allowing the neoliberal austerians in Europe nd the USA to neutralise and destoy the SYRIZA programme will harm the struggle against austerity in Australia, as being imposed by the Abbott government in consultation with the BCA and the finance sector, and everywhere else where that struggle is unfolding.

Australia-Greece Solidarity Campaign

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In its editorial on January 3rd 2015, the NYT has savaged the Troika policies that have left the Greek economy in tatters.

The human toll of the economic crisis in Greece has been significant: Rates of hunger, suicide and unemployment have increased sharply, thanks to years of misguided austerity policies. So it is hardly shocking that polls are showing that voters are likely to give control of Parliament to the leftist political party Syriza in an election later this month….

The pain caused by these policies is largely to blame for the disillusionment that voters in Greece, Spain, Italy and elsewhere in Europe increasingly feel for mainstream political parties. In Greece, that has benefited Syriza. In Spain, polls show that Podemos, a leftist party formed less than a year ago, has surged in popularity….

Whether or not Syriza wins a majority of seats in the Greek Parliament, it is clear…

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I am a retired left wing and labour movement activist. Before that I worked for a long time in the Australian union movement in union education, Australian and international solidarity and organising. I am also active in Cuban solidarity, the SEARCH FOUNDATION, and promoting discussion, debate and action about green socialism based on workers control and social ownership.

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